Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back to Business

I received my official diploma, so I know I will be getting the ATT letter soon. I have been reading the Kalplan NCLEX-RN 2010-2011 EDITION Strategies, Practice, and Review in addition to the 2 Made Incredibly Easy books. The Kaplan book has a CD included with timed practice exams. The exams are 180 questions and timed for three hours. If you find you can not complete the exam and try to quit you lose any questions you already did. You get the option of reviewing what you missed or the entire exam when you are finished. They do include the rationale. The book focuses on Critical thinking techniques and how to know what the questions are asking. I found it to be extremely helpful. Each of the 11 chapters focus is on one of the sections of the exam and includes quizzes after the content. There are also 2 practice written exams in the book with answers and rationales.
The Made Incredibly Easy Books have a web link with options to do practice tests with the amount of questions you select and instant results and a practice NCLEX timed. I will be working more on these next. I think the more practice I have the better my chance of success. Things are always changing in Nursing and there is just so much to know.

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