Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beyond Paper

So many of the schools and universities have gone paperless. Some of the public schools around us are providing I-Pads for all of the children instead of textbooks. I am currently enrolled in Western Governors University and the tuition includes all the materials necessary for the classes. I bought a Kindle Fire for $199, less than half of the cost of an I-Pad. I am able to access my course materials just about anywhere and do my studies and lessons. I just thought I would share that little tidbit of info. I started this blog as a means to study my critical elements from anywhere without taking anything with me. Then I discovered I retained the information better if I wrote it down. Things that I wanted to make sure I was doing properly I found links to on the Internet. I wish I had the kindle fire then it is so much easier to carry along than the lap top and much more affordable than the I-Pad.

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