Thursday, March 6, 2014

HGT1 Community Health Nursing

My Practicum can be viewed in my other blog Vickie Views

I choose Disaster Preparedness. Living in Florida and working at a coastal hospital for over 20 years as both a LPN and a RN, I volunteered on our team. We had mock disasters from train derailments, chemical spills, hurricanes, and plane crashes. I had fun practicing setting up decontamination tents and putting on the "zoot suit". Thankfully I never had to use what I learned in real life.
I hope this helps demonstrate the format required in the paper.


  1. Hi, I'm Ben. I was hoping to see the format of your community health task. I still haven't decided on the topic but i thought seeing a format would give me an idea of things to think about while deciding on the topic. Would you kindly share.

  2. You can find the paper on my other blog. I was not able to upload it on this one. Click on Vickie Views in the post. I hope it helps

  3. Hello Vickie, thanks for posting your practicum. I chose STD prevention. How did you do in your practicum?

  4. Thank you so much!! I have spent hours just to find some idea of how to layout this paper. It seemed so big and unreachable. I had no idea how to drop in the endless data and that was super intimidating. Thank you again for providing your example. The markings of a true educator.