Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hands On

I am so lucky to have such good people around me. Yesterday my good friend Sandy gave me the "tour" and in-serviced me on some of the equipment in the unit. Today I was able to "shadow" my original mentor, Jane, she took me under her wing over 20 years ago and now she is doing it again. Even wih someone so close and accepting I was still a bundle of nerves. Wow back in the unit again. I must admit I do miss it. Loads of hands on tonight, trach care, gastro tube feeding, isolation, central line, multiple drips, cooling blanket, monitors, a-line and more. I plan on doing this a couple of times a week until the clinical exam - March 12, 13, and 14. It is coming so quickly. This Sunday I will be with Deb in the ER 7a-7p and next Sunday I will be with Pat in Rehab7a -7p. I hope to have a well rounded clinical review with different people critiquing me. I don't think I can be too prepared for this exam. My advice is to keep practicing as much as you can be comfortable with strangers, be compassionate, do what you know, nursing. Oh of course, don't forget the other important things - documentation , calculations, NCP, evaluations. More on that tomorrow.

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