Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am practicing the wound each day. I need to be able to do this with my eyes closed - the time is getting short. I can do the real thing with no problem but on a manikin with no q-tips - gee that is something else.  I have my IVs hanging from the ceiling fan running in a pan for the secondary med and gtt count. I started an IV in the arm from Education. They were kind enough to lend me the arm and the hand so I can practive the pushes and the drips. I have converted Anthony's room in to a mock sim lab. My husband and parents and kids have been so patient with me.
I can not say enough good about the in Atlanta. I was able to prepare and visualize what to expect as far as the labs go. For the PCS practice I am working with co-workers in the ICU, ER, and Rehab units to get my skills sharpened and well rounded.  Jane, Pat, Deb, Jan, Lorie, Wanda, Linda, Sandy, and Vicki have been soooooo helpful. Oh well must do the CarePlan now.

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