Sunday, December 5, 2010

Care Plan Question

My question:

If i write a "risk for" care plan, can I use it as my priority and evaluate it if it does not become an actual problem? I think I can but I thought it was not allowed.

I am reading the 17th Edition Study Guide page 280 answer for:
" #6 Write a care plan for a patient receiving enteral feeding via a peg tube following oral surgery for removal of a cancerous lesion of the mouth. What are the possible related factors?
Label: Risk for imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements related to impaired swallowing
Outcome: Patient will be free of gastric distress during tube feedings
1. Position patient to a 45 degree angle for feeling
2. Administer enteral feeding as prescribed"

My thought on the evaluation all the components are here -
the nursing dx
with the RT aspect
no s/s since it is not an actual problem
Outcome is measurable - no gastric distress during the feeding
importance - According to maslow, nutrition is a basic human need, required for cell regeneration. Without adequate nutrition cell growth and repair can not occur. If an individual experiences gastric distress they may not tolerate adequate nutrition thus preventing tissue repair, strength, and increasing the susceptibility of infection, inadequate circulation, and tissue breakdown.

evaluation of interventions -
effective as the patient was positioned at 45 degrees
the feeding was administered as prescribed

the patient denied any gastric distress.

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