Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Medications 17th edition CPNE study guide page 285

Medications must be administered at least once during the CPNE

Select the prescribed medication using the hospital MAR
  • know the side effects, actions and uses of any med you are to administer,
  • follow guidelines like apical pulse rate of BP
Measures the dosage
ID the patient immediately before administering the medication by comparing the MAR to the Bracelet on the patient with 2 identifiers - DOB, Name, MRN
Use the correct size needle
Use the correct dose
administer to the patient within 30 minutes of scheduled time

5 rights of medication administration
  • right med
  • right patient
  • right dose
  • right time
  • right route
records the correct flow rate in drops per minute for gravity flow or mls per hour for infusion control devices or the PCS Recording Form before administering the medication
assiss the insetion site for dislocation, infiltration or other complications by :
  • feeling the surrounding skin for changes in temperature
  • palpating the surrounding tissue for edema
clears air from tubing

when an intermittent venous access device is used:
  • aspirates for blood return unless contraindicated
  • flushes with the designated solution prior to medication administration
  • flushes with the designated solution after medication administration
  • records the fluch solution used on the pcs response form
refulates the flow to deliver the prescribed amount in the designated period of time within 5 gtts/min for gravity flow or the correct ICD setting

records the medications administered on the hospital MAR within 30 minutes after administration

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