Sunday, December 5, 2010

Enteral Feeding - 17 th Edition CPNE Study Guide - Excelsior pg 270-271

Feeding by bottle, tube or other device to infants, children or adults.

  • For all feedings:
    • select the correct formula
    • position the patient
    • deliver the feeding
  • When assistance is designated:
    • choose the appropriate device
    • burp an infant under six months old periodically, as needed
  • Administer the feeding at room temperature unless otherwise directed.
  • intermittent Tube feeding:
    • determine the amount of feeding
    • calculate the gtts/min
    • verify the location of a NG by:
      • instilling 10-20 cc (5 mm for child <2) of air into the tube while listening to the abdomen
      • aspirate amount of gastric contents
      • record amount of gastric contents
      • reinstill gastric contents
    • initiate feeding within 30 minutes of scheduled time
    • regulate the rate to be within the specified time by
      • adjusting the flow rate to within 5 gtts/min
      • or setting the icd to the prescribed flow rate.
  • continuous tube feeding:
    • within the first 20 minutes
      • verify type of feeding
      • verify rate either by gtt/min or icd setting
        • regulate the flow if needed within 5 gtts/min
        • or adjusting the rate on an ICD to the ordered rate.
      • document same on the PCS recording form
    • verify the position at least once during the PCS by
      • instilling 10-20 cc (5cc for child <2) air and listening to abd and
      • aspirating gastric contents
    • when measurement of gastric residual is designated:
      • measure gastric residual
      • reinstill gastric residual unless contraindicated
      • determines the amount of feeding to be administered
  • Records the kind of oral feeding administered
  • Records the name and strength of the feeding product for a  patient receiving a tube feeding
  • Records the amount of feeding
  • Records the volume of gastric residual measured

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