Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 3 at Grady

Up at 5:30 am without any problem, that in itself is scary!! Read up last night on Sickle Cell etiology, treatments, stats, in preparation for my peds patient today. I know I have done it a dozen times before but with stress I tend to forget. When the examiner did not have a coat on I had to ask if we were going across the street to the Children's Hospital. Image my utter relief when she informed me I had a "peds substitute" adult patient. YIPPEE!! I always want to cry when children are hurting or ill. I did it!!! I PASSED THE CPNE!!!!! Words can not express the joy I have. My husband and I shared some tears of joy as we quickly exited (never to return) Atlanta, GA!!!!!! Merry Christmas!

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