Friday, December 10, 2010

Day One at Grady

Shaking like a leaf!! I almost could not hit the stopper in the vial to do the IM. I took some deep breaths mentally said some mantras from my Kundalini teacher and then I could hear my dad's voice telling me to just take a few deep breaths and go slow - don't hurry use all of your time. Then I thought of my turtle anklet. Slow and steady like a turtle, don't lose my head like one of the turtles. Mark echoing my dad was in my head too. God Bless my honey he sat at Grady and waited for 3 hours for me to come down. Thinking of all of the tips and recommendations of those close to me I believe pulled me through. Daily lunchtime practices with Patty made my wound (the first station) a success in record time! Sheri and her confidence in me has given me the "guts" to try one last time, truely the last time. PASS PASS PASS and PASS. Now on to bed and get geared for day 2 - two adult patients. Keep the positive energy flowing! Sat Nam

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