Thursday, November 11, 2010

Abdominal Assessment: 17th edition study guide pgs175 - 180

What are the established guidelines we are to comply with?
  •  look - for distention or asymmetry, rashes, scars, wounds, dressings, any abnormalities
  • listen - check for bowel sound in all 4 quadrants, make sure to listen for one full minute before declaring no bowel sounds and in all quadrants.
  • and feel - light palpation checking for rigidity, tenderness, masses
Before beginning make sure the patient does not need any pain medication or need to void. prior to placing in the correct position make sure you provide privacy. This ensures you do not place the patient in emotional or physical jeopardy.

Alright now the patient has privacy, pain controlled, bladder emptied and in position. The best position is supine with the knees slightly bent and the head as low as tolerated, no more than 30 degrees.

Record all findings, report any deviation from baseline to primary care nurse.

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