Thursday, November 11, 2010

Neuro Assessment 17th study guide pgs 181-188

Neurological Exam this link goes through a thorough neuro exam.  For the CPNE be sure to include:
  • level of consciousness - orientation to time, place, and person
    • or recognition of familiar people or objects if under 1
    •  if noncommunicating adult or child between 1 and 3 - presenting visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli
  • pupils - size, equality, reaction to light - use flashlight
  • motor response - to touch, strength, equality - use both hands for grasp and dorsiflex or plantar flex both feet
    • if child under 3 or noncommunicating adult or child observe symmetry and movement
*if unresponsive to verbal stimuli check response to noxious stimuli (pressure to the nail bed)
**if a child under the age of one, check the anterior fontanel for bulging by gently palpating while child is in an upright position. photo of a baby's anterior fontanel

  1. LOC
  2. Assessment of fontanel (if applicable)
  3. PEARL
  4. equality of motor response
  5. response of noxious stimuli (if applicable)

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