Monday, November 29, 2010

Wound Management - Critical Element Selected Area of Care 17th Edition CPNE Study Guide

"Wound Management is the assessment of a wound and the implementation of measures to clean, irrigate, and protect the wound and surrounding skin." page 257

  1. Assess the wound location, type,  (incision, contusion, abrasion, laceration, puncture, penetrating wound, pressure ulcer) appearance of the wound bed (granulation, necrotic), and presence or absence of drainage (purulent, serosangenous, bloody). Signs of infection - redness, odor, pain, warmth.
  2. When irrigation is designated:
    1. Selects the designated solution
    2. Determines the appropriate temperature of the solution
    3. Uses an appropriate irrigation delivery system
    4. Positions a receptacle for return flow
    5. Irrigates without contaminating the wound
    6. Protects the surrounding skin from contact with the drainage
  3. Cleanses the wound with the designated solution
  4. When wound packing is assigned:
    1. prepares gauze for application to wound bed
    2. packs wound by applying a sterile moist dressing to wound bed surface
  5. Applies the designated topical preparation
  6. When wound protection is required:
    1. removes the dressing without contaminating the wound
    2. removes the dressing without injuring the surrounding skin
    3. disposes of the soiled dressing in the designated container
    4. applies the dressing without contaminating the wound
    5. secures the dressing
    6. labels the dressing with date, time, and their initials
  7. Records data related to wound:
    1. location
    2. type
    3. appearance
    4. presence or absence of drainage

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