Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Critical Thinking Exercise - Care Plans 17th edition page 84

  1. Which of the following addresses an actual or potential health problem that can be prevented or resolved by nursing interventions only?
        1. Nursing Diagnosis
        2. Nursing Assessment
        3. Medical Diagnosis
  2. Determine the nursing diagnosis statements that are written correctly and identify the errors in the incorrect diagnoses.
        1. Inpaired Skin Integrity related to Mobility deficit as evidenced by ulcer on right heel. - Impaired Skin Integrity r/t physical immobilization aeb distruction of skin layers. page 653 correct
        2. Nausea and vomiting related to medication side effects - Nausea r/t pharmaceuticals aeb report of nausea incorrect
        3. Impaired gas exchange  related to altered oxygen transport as evidenced by oxygen saturation of 90% on room air - Impaired gas exchange r/t ventilation - perfusion imbalance aeb abnormal o2 sat of 90% on room air correct
        4. Needs assistance walking to bathroom: related to immobility - Impaired physical mobility r/t muscular skeletal impaiment aeb gait changes incorrect 
  3. Develop an actual diagnosis and a risk diagnosis for the following patient.  - A 60 year old male patient , 2 days status post (s/p) right total hip replacement. Your assignment includes:
    1. a regular diet
    2. transfer to chair for lunch, right toe touch only during ambulation, abductor pillow between legs while in bed
    3. codeine po for pain
    4. dressing change to right hip
      1. Actual Diagnosis - Impaired physical mobility r/t muscular skeletal impairment aeb limited range of motion
      2. Risk Diagnosis - Falls, risk for r/t impaired physical mobility

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