Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Other Selected Areas of Care page 265 CPNE 17th Edition Study Guide - Drainage and Specimen Collection

Removal of body secretions from a a body cavity or wound, includes care and protection of surrounding skin.
ID Patient
remember to wear gloves
explain procedure to patient

  1. when drainage collection is assigned: (foley, hemovac, JP, NG)
    1. assesses the amount and color of drainage
    2. cleans surrounding skin or tissue - when assigned
    3. insert the tube into the apropriate body cavity
    4. when drainage is by tube
      1. maintain or attach tube to container
      2. maintain patency of tube
      3. maintain drainage by suction or gravity
      4. removes tube when assigned
  2. when specimen collection is assigned: (urine, feces, sputum)
    1. obtain designated specimen
    2. place the specimen in the designated container or on the designated surface
    3. ensures that the spicimen is labeled
    4. places specimen in designated area for transport
  3. record data related to drainage amount and color
  4. record data related to specimen collection
  5. document or report disposition of speciment
Documentation includes recording on the PCS recording form for the disposition of specimen. Additional data is to be written in "Other Observations" in the narrative note section.

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