Sunday, November 21, 2010

Musculoskeletal Management - Excelsior CPNE Study Guide pg 214 - 223

Assess the affected area of the designated extremity for:
  • abnormalities - atrophy or contractions
  • mobility - active or passive - bed, chair, ambulating
  • pain with movement
Direct the patient to move the joints of the designated extremity through active range of motion (AROM) by one of the following:
  • abduction and adduction
  • flexion and extention
Perform passive range of motion (PROM):
  • support the weight of the extremity at the joint
  • moving the joints of the designated extremity as above, smoothly, rhythmically
Apply supportive or therapeutic devices : such as CPM, Brace, TEDS, Immobilizers, Sequential Hose (SCD)

Apply heat or cold when assigned :
  • protect the skin surface by use of a barrier
  • apply to the appropriate area
  • proper temperature maintain for at least 20 minutes unless otherwise ordered
Maintains traction:
  • verify the correct weight
  • make sure ropes are unobstructed
  • make sure the weights are free
  • make sure good alignment
  • counter traction
Record all observations, actions and responses.

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