Friday, November 12, 2010

PVA 17th edition study guide pg189-199

Assessment of the temperature, perfusion, pulse, sensation, and movement

compare bilateral extremeties always start at the most distal location, compare at same anatomical site
  • palpate the most distal pulses ; assess strength and equality or absence of (pulse)
  • check color or capillary refill - should be less than 3 seconds (perfusion)
  • check tempurature - warm, cool or hot, cold - dry or moist (perfusion)
  • sensation - light tactile  stimuli to most distal (sensation)
  • movement, start with most distal  - wiggle toes or fingers (movement)
Record all of the findings!
think of your assessment - provided privacy, tempature when you touched skin, location of palpable pulses, color, edema, lesions, response to stimuli, ability to move - what they moved.

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