Monday, November 8, 2010

Mobility 17th edition study guide pgs 129 -137

 17th Edition Critical Elements for Mobility:
Assess for:
  • level of mobility - is the patient independent or need assistance - how much
  • use of assistive devices - does the patient use a cane or a walker or a prosthetic device
  • presence of balance abnormalities - is the gait steady is the patient able to coordinate movements purposefully to pposition self
moves or positions the patient by:
  • supporting the weak or injured parts of the body
  • supporting the patient's head, shoulders, and pelvis
  • turning, lifting, or moving the patient toa different position
  • using body parts or external devices to keep the patient in the desired position
  • using positioning and / or devices to reduce pressure on vulnerable skin surfaces - wedges
  • using measures to prevent shearing of skin - draw sheet
Assist with transfer or ambulation by:
  • stabilizing equipement
  • using measures to maintain the patient's balance


  1. level of mobility
  2. use of assistive devices
  3. presence of balance abnormalities
  4. positioning, transfer or ambulation activities during the PCS
  5. patient's response

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