Saturday, March 6, 2010

Selected Areas of Care Comfort Management

Comfort Management
  1. Assess comfort needs by
    • Asking the patient to describe confort needs or
    • Observing behaviors indicative of discomfort
  2. Provides three of the following comfort measures:
    • assist the patient with washing face, hands, and/or vulnerable skin surfaces
    • repositions or assists the patient to a different postion
    • gives the patient a backrub
    • uses relaxation and/or distraction techniques
    • applies heat or cold when assigned
    • assists the patient with mouth care
    • changes or adjusts bed linens
    • administers medication(s) when assigned
  3. Records
    • data related to comfort needs or disconfort
    • comfort measures implemented
    • patient response(s) to measures implemented
mnemonic - COMFORTERS

Comfort measures  - do 3
Oobserve for discomfort
Meds - PRN
Face wash
Oral care
Treat with heat or cold
Evaluate comfort at end
Simple back rub

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