Sunday, March 7, 2010

Drainage and Specimen Collection

Drainage and Specimen Collection - from Excelsior College Flash Cards 2005
  1. Complies with established guidelines
  2. When drainage collection is assigned:
    • assess the amount and color of drainage
    • cleans the surounding skin or tissue when assigned
    • inserts the tube into the appropriate body cavity
    • when drainage is by tube:
      • maintains or attaches tube to container
      • maintains patency of the tube
      • maintains drainage by gravity or suction apparatus
    • removes the tube when assigned
  3. When specimen collection is assigned
    • obtains the designated speciment
    • places the specimen in the designated container or on the designated surface
    • ensure that specimen is labeled
    • places speciment in designated area for transport
  4. Records data related to drainage amount and color
  5. Records data related to specimen collection
  6. Documents and/or reports disposition of specimen

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