Sunday, March 21, 2010

CPNE SIM LAB #1 Successful IV Push

The successful sequence for the IVP is

Read the MAR
Get the Med
Do the math

Clean the top of the med bottle
Label 3 empty syringes
Draw up med and put the med bottle to the side
Clean the top of the NS bottle
Draw up the 2 flushes witht the amount stated in the MAR

ID the patient - Name, Date of Birth, Medical Record Number
Glove with clean gloves
Inspect IV site - verbalixe not edema/swelling/redness
Wipe IV Port
Aspirate patency

Flush the IV with NS over 8 - 10 seconds
Give med over the ordered time frame
Flush with NS over 8 - 10 seconds

Sign the MAR
Declare you have finished and acknowledge completion of all of the critical elements for this station.

Do this and you will pass the IVP
One LAB down 3 more to go.

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