Saturday, March 6, 2010

Selected Areas of Care - Oxygen Management

Oxygen Management - from Excelsior College Flash Cards 2005
  1. Assesses the patient's response to activity level
  2. Assesses oxygenation status by
    • inspecting nailbeds for color, capillary refill, or clubbing or
    • measuring oxygen saturation level when assigned
  3. Assesses skin surfaces in contact with oxygen delivery system
  4. Positions the patient to facilitate respiration
  5. Sets, adjusts, or maintains oxygen flow at designated rate (liters or percent)
  6. Maintains humidification of oxygen if humidification is present
  7. Removes articles, if present, which can produce a spard or flame from bedside area
  8. Applies, inserts, or maintains device to deliver oxygen, at the designated rate when required
  9. Applies and maintains instrument to measure oxygen saturation level when assigned
  10. Records
    • data related to each of the above assessment findings
      • response to activity level
      • oxygenation status
      • condition of skin surfaces in contact with oxygen delivery system
    • oxygenation management measures implemented
    • patient response to measures implemented


Skin assessment around ears and nares
Oxygen saturation/flow rate/percentage
Activity tolerance
Postion to facilitate respirations - pattern of respirations
Ignition sources

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