Sunday, March 21, 2010

CPNE SIM LAB #3 Successful IV Secondary Med

To be successful at the secondary medication station follow the following steps:

Read the MAR
Calculate drip factor on the SIM LAB Recording Form (SLRF)
volume x drop factor/minutes - gtts/minute
Record the flow rate (gtts/min) for 15, 30, and 60 seconds
Obtain the correct medication bag from the selection
ID against MAR - verbalize to CE - Patient name, Date of Birth, and Medical Record Number
Don clean gloves
Inspect IV site - verbalize no edema, site dry, no sign of infiltration
Remove gloves
Clamp tubing of both primary and secondary fluid
Drop Primary Bag
Spike medication bag
Check for air in tubing - prime if needed
Open secondary med all the way
Adjust the rate using the clamp on the primary line
Verify rate with CE
Don gloves and check for infiltration after CE verifies gtts/min
Sign MAR and
Declare end


  1. Hello

    Do you have to wash hands each time you remove gloves. One after we inspect IV site and the other after before we sign MAR. Thanks...

  2. If you have gloves on to check the site and remove them, your hands are still clean. Of course you can never wash your hands too much. Remember though this is to have a successful CPNE SIM LAB.