Sunday, March 21, 2010

CPNE SIM LAB #2 IM/SQ Injection

For the successful IM/SQ Injection follow these steps:

Read the MAR
Note time, drug, dose, route on the MAR
ID the patient name, Medical Record Number, Date of Birth against the MAR
Select medications from assorted vials and correct syringe/needle from assortment of syringes/needles
Calculate the amount of each medication to be given


Record individual and total volume on Simulation Laboratory Recording Form (SLRF)
Cleanse top of vials with alcohol
Draw up air in to syringe for each medication and show CE
Inject air into vial second medication(NPH) first then first medication(REG)
Invert vial and draw up first medication and show CE
Invert second vial and draw up second medication without allowing air into syringe
Show CE for verification
Re-cap using scoop method
Don clean gloves
ID Patient to CE - verbalize name date of birth and medical record number from band and MAR
Identify site for injection
Cleanse area with alcohol useing circular motion inside to outside
Insert needle bevel up with dart like motion
Aspirate for IM
Inject slow and steady
Withdraw needle and dispose in the sharps container
Apply light pressure to area unless heparin or insulin
Remove gloves
Wash hands (verbalize washing hands in SIM LAB)
Record medication on MAR

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