Saturday, March 6, 2010

Selected Areas of Care - Peripheral Vascular Assessment

Peripheral Vascular Assessment

Peripheral Vascular Desease this will take you to a wonderful learning resource with pictures of various things you will be assessing for and what it means.

  1. Complies with established guidelines
  2. Compares the extremities by all of the following:
    • Palpating for the presence or absence of the most distal pulses
    • comparing the most distal corresponding palpable pulse(s)
    • Assessing perfusion of extremity(ies) by:
      • checking capillary refill or
      • observing color
    • Assessing for temperature of extremiy (ies)
    • Eliciting the pateint's response to tactile stimuli applied to the distal portion of the extrmity (ies)
    • Assessing motor function by
      • asking the patient to move extrmity (ies) or
      • noting movement of the extrmity (ies) in a child under 3 or a non-communicating adult
  3. Records data related to bilateral comparison of extremities:
    • Presence or absence of the most distal pulses
    • Capillary refill or color
    • Temperature of extremity (ies)
    • Response to tactile stimuli
    • Motor function
"Please Make Sure To Chart"
Capillary refill or Color

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